Modelling tools


PCRaster is software for building probabilistic, forward, spatio-temporal modelling. It provides facilities for data assimilation. Model building is done in Python by using a framework for forward simulation and combining spatial operations which have been implemented in C++. It is maintained since 1990 by our team.


LUE is a physical data model for storing continuous fields and discrete agents. It is developed by our team.



PCR-GLOBWB is a global hydrological model developed by the Global Hydrology Group. Our team is closely cooperating with the group and involved in maintenance of the PCR-GLOBWB code and improvements under the hood as it is coded in PCRaster.


PYCATCH is a catchment modelling framework coded in PCRaster. It contains modules for hydrological and geomorphological processes. It runs at spatial resolutions between 1 m and 100 m and temporal resolutions between 1 h and 1 week. There is no formal documentation yet. For hydrological applications, please refer to Lana-Renault et al., 2013. For geomorphological applications, refer to Karssenberg et al., 2017, in particular the digital supplement providing the model description. For info please contact


PLUC is a land use change model coded in PCRaster. It is developed and maintained by Judith Verstegen who is currently at Muenster University (Germany).